AANGEPASTE KEUKEN Deze week hebben wij een aangepaste massief houten keuken gepl… – Kral Keukens & Interieurs

AANGEPASTE KEUKEN Deze week hebben wij een aangepaste massief houten keuken gepl…

AANGEPASTE KEUKEN Deze week hebben wij een aangepaste massief houten keuken geplaatst waarvan het ontwerp en de inrichting helemaal is afgestemd op de beperkingen of juist mogelijkheden waarmee de gebruiker te maken heeft. De aanpassingen zijn het onder rijdbaar maken van de bediening kookplaat, afzuigkap en quooker . Dit zie je ook terug bij de oven en koffiezetapparaat in de hoge kasten. #aangepastekeuken

Many people state, we need to think, OUTSIDE - the - box, without seeming, to, first, even, understand, what the box represents, and mean! How can we make necessary changes, until / without, we begin, by better understanding what has occurred in the past (the heritage and history), current needs, and, what is needed, in the future? A true leader never focuses on being a space - holder, and, merely, seeking, the same - old, same - old, processes, and procedures. Rather, effective leadership, coming from evaluating strengths and weaknesses, using strengths effectively, while addressing areas of weakness. There is no true leadership, until / otherwise, it is consistently, focused, relevant, and sustainable! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why, this escape from the self - imposed, restraints and restrictions, of one's comfort zone, is essential!

1. Options; open - minded; opportunities: There's always, more than one way, to proceed, and, a great leader, fully examines and considers these, in an open - minded, manner, seeking the best opportunites, for his group, and / or creating his own opportunity !

2. Unique; useful; usual / unusual: How will you provide meaningful, unique leadership, which is useful to your group, and constituents? It takes addressing, both, the usual needs, etc, as well as the unusual ones!

3. Timely: There is no place for procrastination, if you want to lead, effectively! Great leaders, consistently, proceed, with well - considered, timely action, based on comprehensive, focused, strategic planning!

4. Solutions; strengths; sustainable; system: Will you promote and introduce a quality system, which emphasizes viable solutions? How will you identify the group's strengths, while addressing weaknesses? Will you look ahead, and be prepared, with sustainable ideas and answers, which address current needs, and obstacles / challenges, in a relevant, and sustainable manner?

5. Ideas; integrity; ideology; innovate: If you hope to lead, and be followed, you must clearly demonstrate, your high degree of genuine integrity! Your ideas, and ideology, must focus on needs, goals, perceptions, and true priorities, and it is important to be ready, willing, and capable, to innovate, rather than merely, continue the status quo !

6. Delve deeply; deliver: Go beyond the surface, and what, appears to be, obvious! Rather, delve clearly, consider and determine, how to proceed, prepare effectively, and, consistently, deliver, on the best, possible approaches!

7. Empathy; endurance; energy; excellence: First, effectively, listen, and learn, from every conversation, and experience, in order to proceed, with genuine empathy! Focus on personal excellence, and have the energy, to overcome potential obstacles, and have the endurance, to look forward, when others, are not willing, to do so!

If you want to be a leader, think, OUTSIDE - the - box! There is no place, for, same - old, same - old, in genuine leadership!