~ Living a Beautiful Life ~ Translation rustic, romantic dining room – Stefan Schmid

~ Living a Beautiful Life ~ Translation rustic, romantic dining room

~ Living a Beautiful Life ~ Translation rustic, romantic dining room

If you have ever been to a French style café, you have probably experienced the pleasant atmosphere with a wonderful aroma of delicious French food, the quaint décor and the gorgeous bistro table set. The bistros have been popular in Paris for many centuries and it is actually a place where you can get a good sized meal for reasonable charges. But nowdays, the bistro style furniture has become extremely popular and as a result, you can easily get them in your local shops. The set consists of a small and stylish table around which two or more chairs are arranged in a close manner.

The bistro table set is perfect for your home as it lends a soft and comfortable touch to the décor. The picturesque setting provides a good dose of the glorious old world charm and appeal. If you happen to live in a small studio apartment with a tiny attached kitchen and dining room, the bistro set is absolutely tailor made for you. It will occupy very little space and make your room a lot more charming and attractive. Since these table sets are manufactured commercially, they come in many different styles and designs and you can definitely count on finding the one which will suit your home décor.

If you have a very trendy and contemporary decoration style, you should get a similar chic bistro table set. For instance, you could go for a chrome and glass set for a fine and gleaming look. Or you might prefer a wrought iron set with attractive scroll motifs and a gorgeous glass top for the table. On the other hand, if your taste runs to more classic items, you can go for a marble and slate finish table top with matching powder covered iron chairs. Prop up an umbrella over the table and you can easily set it up outside your home for a lovely sunny afternoon!

Wood, metal, cane, glass, wood substitutes, steel, rattan and a lot of other types of materials can be used to make these bistro sets. The finish and veneer can also be customized to your preferences. For instance, if your home is decorated in tones of brown and mahogany, you can go for a rust finish or an espresso finish bistro table set. A minimum amount of assembly may be required before you can set it up and enjoy a lovely meal!